Live Streaming with Twitter

In today’s market, customers want their service and information and they want it now. There is no better way to feed the content hungry customers what they want than providing them with live streaming. Many social media platforms are starting to accept this new trend by providing applications or functions within the platform that allow viewers to watch the live content. According to Jayson DeMers (2016), Facebook recently released their Live capability on their platform, which allows their users to take a video and display it on their profile for their friends to watch in real time.

In order to keep up with the live streaming trend and acquire more customers, Twitter started taking part in live streaming. Their form of live streaming is not the same as Facebook’s because it focuses on streaming live content from television broadcasts instead of content from its users. According to James Vincent (2016), the new hot topic being streamed by Twitter is the presidential debate between Trump and Hillary. The live streaming of the presidential debates allows viewers to tweet their thoughts and opinions in real time by adding a hashtag that is specific to the content being streamed. In the case of the presidential debates, the hashtag is “#Debates”.636100595305458149-clintontrump

In addition to streaming popular news content, like the presidential debates, Twitter has teamed up with a few television stations and companies in order to display various types of popular content. According to Katie Benner (2016), Twitter plans to show 10 NFL Thursday night games, and all live videos from MLB Advanced media, the NBA, Pac-12 Networks, Campus Insiders, Bloomberg News and Cheddar News in 2016 for free. For the sports enthusiasts, having all of this content streaming live from Twitter is big news and will attract more people to become a member of Twitter. Twitter’s first test to see how their members liked live streaming came when they streamed the Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets NFL game, which resulted in 2.1 million people tuning in to the broadcast.


According to Jessica Guynn (2016), Twitter is one of the only media platforms that is taking the initiative to provide trending content for free. Facebook is another platform that has the presidential debates streaming for free. Before the debates began, Facebook teamed up with ABC in order to provide the debate content to Facebook users through the Facebook Live software. With the competition between Facebook and Twitter growing in the field of live streaming content, there will be opportunities for significant advancements and benefits for viewers in the future.


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