Home Depot Uses Augmented Reality to Improve Customer Shopping Experience

The Home Depot has become one of the most popular companies to shop at when it comes to purchasing home improvement supplies or receiving tips on how to complete a project from seasoned professionals. According to Statista (2016), there were approximately 2,274 Home Depot stores in 2015, which outnumbered their largest competitor, Lowe’s, at 1,857 store locations.

Home Depot is able to grow each year and capture a significant portion of the customer market due to a variety of factors. They are able to effectively help their customers by having an experienced staff that cares about helping their customers complete projects correctly and in a timely manner. Each store location holds a vast array of home improvement products and special products can be ordered and quickly shipped to the individual. Even though these two factors cause many customers to repeatedly visit the stores and make purchases, more is needed to meet the demands of the customers and improve their customer shopping experience.


In order to adapt to the increased demand for technology and convenience, Home Depot developed a sophisticated piece of technology that uses augmented reality. This software is downloadable to any mobile device and uses the devices camera to display objects or changes to a home. According to Pierre Pita (2016), the application can be used to view what a new door would look like on a house, a new paint color on a wall, new furniture in a room, and much more.

Refer to the link to watch a video on Home Depot’s augmented reality software:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yETvPdW9J4s

In addition to showing customers what new items would look like in their homes, the application can be used to shop for thousands of items from the convenience of home. According to News Briefs (2016), if the customer is at a store location or wishes to shop in-store, then the application can show them exactly where a product is located within the store. Customers can easily navigate the store with the software because it can provide a floor plan of the entire store with labeled department sections, such as plumbing, electrical, or even restrooms.


Overall, this piece of software is valuable for Home Depot because it improves customer experience and streamlines the shopping and purchasing processes. Increased convenience and product exposure are two effective ways to increase revenue for businesses, and Home Depot accomplishes both with the release of this new piece of software.


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