Facebook Goes Live!

Facebook has become the social media giant and leader in innovation. According to Josh Constine (2016), Facebook currently has approximately 1.59 billion users and generated nearly $18 billion in revenue in 2015. Recently, they have been pushing towards increasing their mobile presence and capabilities to keep up with the changing marketing. An estimated 80% of Facebook’s annual revenue is received by mobile advertisement and nearly 827 million users elect to use Facebook only on their mobile device.

Why Go Mobile?

Facebook has released a couple mobile applications that went viral in the past few years. The release of the Messenger app allows people to easily message back and forth  with each other without having to open the Facebook app. To make their platform even better, Facebook added the capability to call the individual through Whatsapp. The Messenger app currently has 800 million users while the Whatsapp has 900 million users. The combination of these two applications has enabled Facebook to expand its market and platform at impressive rates. Also, these applications are free for users to download and use!

What’s Next?

As many have already found out, Facebook has stepped up their game once again to show competitors what they bring to the table. Facebook recently released Live, which allows Facebook users to stream videos in real-time. Once the live recording is finished and on Facebook, it is permanently available for viewing and the comments are overlaid in the videos as they are made.

How users see Live broadcasts

Some may believe that streaming a live video will have the same amount of interactions and interest as a standard posted video, but this has not been the case. According to MediaKix (2016), people spend three times longer watching live streaming videos than regular videos. In addition, videos using the Live feature receive 135% greater organic reach. Since the release of live streaming, there has been an average increase of 75% more videos posted per user.

With the increased amount of interaction and organic reach, this is a powerful tool for companies and internet marketers. Product reviews and releases with special offers will likely become common on Facebook. Obviously, whenever something is developed or released, there is always the chance that people will misuse it. The live streaming feature will be another tool for hackers or individuals who are looking to post inappropriate content.





5 thoughts on “Facebook Goes Live!

  1. Hi Kyle!

    I’m interested to see how Facebook Live turns out for marketers. It’s seem like a no-brainer that people want to tune in to their favorite celebrities that go live, they can get a glimpse into their daily lives, see them unscripted, and even ask questions or receive a personal shoutout. However, what will be the draw for brands? I see it only working with an exciting new product (such as the new iPhone 7) or a major announcement.


    • Hello,

      I believe that Facebook Live will have amazing effects on some individuals while nearly the opposite effect on others. As you mentioned, people want to see those who are rich and famous so they can seemingly live through them. As for those who are average people, I believe that Facebook Live videos will become a nuisance to viewers and will simply be overlooked in the news feed.

      What do you think?


  2. What I think will be interesting is seeing if Facebook finds a way to integrate the two features that you mentioned with advertising. A few months ago Facebook changed it’s newsfeed algorithm to show less brand posts, so I wonder if that shift will change the way that the feature advertising in other aspects of their user experience.

    I think Live video will be a huge boon for businesses. Like you said, live videos get more organic reach and thus more engagement between brand and user. Facebook could find a way to monetize this, maybe by placing ads in the beginning or inter-spliced in live video, but it might draw away from the amount of people who would be interested in viewing live videos. I believe YouTube live videos features ads, as does the online gaming streaming services Twitch and Hitbox.

    What other ways do you think that Facebook could potentially find revenue out of their new features?


    • Hello,

      In the end, I am sure Facebook will find a way to acquire more money for the business through Facebook Live. Banner ads and other forms of advertisements will become frequent in the live videos at some point in time. I believe that Facebook will look to charge companies extra money for using and sponsoring live videos on user’s news feeds. In addition, Facebook has already made some deals with companies that will allow them to broadcast their station through the live news feed, like the presidential debates and NFL games.




  3. Hello Kyle,

    What a timely post! I was wondering when would somebody write about this new technology adapted to Facebook. I’m not surprise about the percentage of the organic reach related to it. Ever since it launched, I’ve noticed many people wanting to click on Live stream video (myself included), even if I’m not really interested. There something about it that urges you to get involved right away (instead of just waiting for the video to be scheduled and posted for later viewing). Between live stream, live chat, and live social media posts… things have become really instantaneous—the 15 minutes of fame becoming more like 15 seconds!

    Best wishes,


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