Mass Exposure to Emerging Media

In recent years, the expansion and utilization of emerging media has been remarkable. Jason Karaian explains that the amount of time individuals are exposed to digital media, including the internet, television, or cell phones, has skyrocketed to 490 minutes each day. Lulu Chang estimates that cell phone users spend an average of 4.7 hours per day on their cellular devices, which provides the most exposure to digital media than any other means. The next source that provides the most media exposure is television at approximately three hours and the internet at two hours for those who possess those luxuries.


The more interactive forms of media on cell phones, social media, blogging, and television have acquired more attention by marketers than any other form of media in history. These advertisements can easily be tracked and modified in real-time to adapt to the market and consumer needs. Businesses have been able to more effectively expose potential consumers to their products and services and induce their interaction on their emerging media campaigns. More interactions on the emerging media campaigns means there is an increased likelihood that these companies can upturn sales and profits.

Social media platforms are doing especially well in advertising and marketing revenue since the increased use of emerging media. Facebook is a company that is fully exploited for its marketing advantages. Facebook increased their first quarter profits by 76% to $4.26 billion in 2016 when compared to the first quarter in 2015. The amount of growth for Facebook can be attributed mainly to large and small businesses designing and releasing interactive advertisements on Facebook’s platform. Once an advertisement is released, businesses are able to utilize some of Facebook’s analytical software to properly adjust and focus their advertisement campaigns.



Overall, I believe that using interactive, responsive forms of media marketing through cell phones, television, and the internet are the best ways for businesses to increase profits. Digital media has dramatically decreased the popularity of print media in recent years, which has allowed some companies to fully exploit its benefits. Businesses that are able to fully capitalize on the emerging media efforts will overshadow those who are sticking to traditional media marketing.


8 thoughts on “Mass Exposure to Emerging Media

  1. I think the Facebook revenue chart that you displayed definitely says a lot about brands in this emerging media era. To me, there are a few takeaways:

    1. What’s remarkable about the desktop advertising numbers is that they’ve remained mostly stagnant, not decreased while mobile advertising revenue increases. To me, this signifies that certain brands aren’t totally giving up desktop advertising in their strategies. This could be because certain brands are big enough to support both advertising approaches, their audiences could be primarily a desktop audience, or they haven’t caught up to speed with other brands on mobile advertising.

    2. For social media channels to reap the benefits of the constant evolving of the digital audience, they need to be able to meet the evolving needs of brands. Facebook, in your example above, has an advertising tool/platform that seems to be very versatile and scalable based on the brand. Going forward it seems that the social media platform that can evolve with brands is the one that will succeed.

    3. I expect that in the next couple of years we’ll see a further breakdown of internet/mobile devices to pinpoint different media’s impact on the overall consumer experience. We could see mobile devices further clarified into mobile devices, wearables, and augmented reality devices. Internet-connected televisions could break out from normal television devices. All of this effort done to calculate exactly what resonates with consumers and the best ways to reach them.

    Good stuff, Kyle. Looking forward to more.
    – Chris


    • Hello,

      I think that it is important to not fully abandon one marketing tactic simply because another one is performing well. People will have desktop computers for many years to come and marketing on that platform should not be lost. With that being said, mobile sales have skyrocketed over the past several years and I believe a significant portion of the advertising money should be spent on mobile marketing campaigns.

      Facebook is a company that has really gone above and beyond. The company strives to be the best and to release innovative software. Because of their determination and willingness to listen to their customers, Facebook will be one of the leading platforms for many years to come.

      Thanks for the reply,



  2. I agree with what you said about how media marketing is the best way for businesses to make a profit. I rarely look at print media anymore. The sad thing is that I love reading on paper as opposed to reading from a screen. The convenience and persistence of digital media are unavoidable.

    The convenience of digital media is significant, because we always have everything we need at our finger tips. The decision to open your phone and click an app, versus going to the store to buy a magazine is an easy one to make. As I mentioned, I love reading print as opposed to digital media, but I can’t turn down the convenience.

    As for persistence, there is so much data collection done across social and digital media platforms that can peg each individual person. I know some people don’t like that they’re used in that way, but personally I love it. I love that the advertisements I see are personalized to my age, interests, and region.



    • Hello,

      It is a shame that printed material has nearly become obsolete. People want convenience in their lives and this desire has caused many businesses to switch to other forms of media to market. The current trend for businesses to capitalize on is social media platforms, which occupy a significant portion of many individual’s lives. The opportunity is too convenient and effective for companies to simply pass up and not take part in.




  3. You mentioned how well Facebook is doing with advertising, but when I think of a platform that does great with advertising I think of YouTube. YouTube videos have ad rolls before videos and ads even pop up during some videos, “100 percent of the top 100 global brands have run YouTube ads in the past year”(LePage, 2015). In my opinion YouTube changed the digital ad game, it’ll be interesting to see how it continues to grow.

    LePage, E. (2015, Nov 25). A long list of social media stats. Hootsuite. Retrieved from


    • Hello,

      YouTube is another platform that does extremely well with marketing. It is funny that YouTube started as a platform that did not support advertisements! YouTube does well on its own, but many people choose to use a combination of the two platforms to maximize their marketing efforts. People or businesses are able to make a marketing movie on YouTube and simply share the link on Facebook and expose it to the desired group of individuals.



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